Tepic, a trip through the taco shops from the north to the south of Mexico without leaving Madrid

Tacos 'Gobernador' de Tepic

Tepic is the only Mexican restaurant in Madrid that has been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand. A seal that recognises establishments that serve quality cuisine at reasonable prices. And that is exactly what this restaurant in the Salamanca district offers, where tequila, lemon and coriander are in the air. Fifteen years of roots confirm the solidity of a proposal in which Mexican tradition and its flavours travel across the North American country from end to end.

Especially with its wide catalogue of tacos that allow you to travel, for example, to Baja California, with battered fish – grouper –, chipotle mayonnaise, red cabbage, pico de gallo and avocado (29 euros, three pieces). Also from the north – Sonora, Nuevo León or Durango – are the arrachera tacos (29.70, five pieces), where the beef flank steak is served cooked to perfection on a tortilla with a cheese crust and avocado cream.

This restaurant takes an emotional and culinary journey to the other side of the Atlantic, just as the Basque professional athletes who give their name to this place did last century

Going to Sinaloa, the ‘Gobernador’ is one of the essentials on the menu (29.4) with shrimp and melted cheese. And on the way to the Yucatan peninsula there are the cochinita pibil tacos (28.5) and the panuchos made with this stew (16) of pork with achiote served on corn ‘gorditas’.

From Puebla they take that famous chicken tinga with tomato and chipotle that they present on crispy corn tortillas (16) or the al pastor with pineapple (29.5). Tacos are not served individually but you can add some extra to adapt the portions to the number of diners at the table.

This offer is preceded by classic starters such as guacamole with corn chips (14.90) or aguachile of shrimp marinated in lime with red onion, cilantro, cucumber and avocado (25); the Yucatecan tiradito of sea bass with trout roe (24.90); the squash flower quesadillas (14.85).

Above, the Baja California style tacos with battered fish. Below, on the left, the Yucatecan panuchos with cochinita pibil. On the right, the three milks dessert with cream and cajeta.
A detail much appreciated by lovers of spicy food is the collection of sauces to accompany these dishes – with guajillo, serrano, habanero. Its two options for the brave are the ‘macha’, with chile de árbol, and the ‘cabrona’ with a mixture of various types of chile.

What to order: Yucatecan panuchos, governor tacos and Baja California-style fish tacos. Perfect for: a summer dinner. Price of beer: €5 (Modelo Especial). Price of guacamole: €14.9. Address: Ayala, 14. Open every day. Terrace.
For desserts, try their Chamoy (6) ‘mouth-cleaner’ with sweet and sour morita and guajillo chile, passion fruit granita, mango, orange and tajín sorbet. And the ‘tres leches’ cake (7.9) accompanied by cream and cajeta – a typical sweet from the city of the same name; the corn pie (7.9) – corn with ice cream, accompanied by a reduction of café de olla; or the Mexican buñuelos (7.9) with vanilla ice cream from the Papantla designation of origin dipped in cajeta or Oaxacan chocolate.

Source: abc