The cost of progress: Jalisco investors under threat of hate and violence in the Riviera Nayarit


Repression, persecution, hatred, denigration, property theft and even torture have been the currency of exchange used by the Governments of Nayarit towards all the Jalisco businessmen who contributed to the construction of the tourist infrastructure that gave birth to the Riviera Nayarit, which has left millions of dollars for the municipality and the state.

This was narrated in an interview by the real estate businessman Eduardo Valencia Castellanos, who says he is a victim of the theft of his properties by the state and the Attorney General’s Office.

As a background, Valencia Castellanos recalled that the tourist birth of Bahía de Banderas and later of the Riviera Nayarit brand was thanks to the vision of the Jalisco business community, mostly settled in Puerto Vallarta.

Since the port’s topography no longer allowed its expansion to the south, the Nayarit border was crossed and the nautical subdivision of Nuevo Vallarta was built, followed by Bucerías and Punta de Mita, exponentially increasing the capital gains on land that was “worthless.”

All this, without knowing what would come next: a stage of authoritarianism, in which, once the destiny and the business were developed, those who now claimed to be the owners of the land insisted on incriminating the architects of destiny in order to persecute them and try to take away their properties.

“We must remember those who made Bahía de Banderas great, and from not being worth a peso to being worth billions of dollars per square meter. First, it was ‘El Patas Aldrete’ and Jorge Gómez Vázquez with Punta Mita, who later invited Fernando Senderos from Mexico City to invest, as well as Daniel Chávez who detonated Nuevo Vallarta and the ‘Mollers’ who discovered and developed Sayulita, and Felipe Tomé who gave a great boost to San Pancho.”

“Thanks to us, they have huge property tax rates, construction license fees, well-paid jobs, in short, a series of benefits. And they return the coin with ‘the damned ingratitude’ of putting us in jail, killing us or eventually taking away our properties through government institutions,” he emphasized.

Valencia Castellanos revealed that there is not only a precedent for the Mega Nuevo Nayarit Operation that began a couple of years ago with the Morena Governor, Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero, and that it is “the tip of the iceberg.”

In past administrations of former Governor Roberto Sandoval and his Attorney General, Edgar Veytia, there have also been attempts to dispossess businessmen of their properties.

“For example, Jesús Gallegos of La Tranquila was also extorted and pressured by these Nayarit authorities. They tried to take away Héctor Cárdenas Curiel’s lands arbitrarily. The same can be said of Felipe Tomé. There is a long history of wanting to steal the properties, particularly of the people from Guadalajara who invested in good faith in Bahía de Banderas,” he denounced.

A historical hatred against Jalisco

He attributed this action to a historical hatred of Nayarit, given that before 1917, when the state achieved its independence, it was a canton of Jalisco. Since then, apart from having achieved prosperity, they have only declined, living in the shadow of Jalisco investors, due to poor administrations.

In contrast, Jalisco has been one of the most progressive states in Mexico.

Despite the hatred, it is Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, which continues to solve the logistics issue with the International Airport where tourists arrive.

In terms of health, it is the hospitals located in Jalisco that receive Nayarit patients, among many other services, and it is paid for with repression.

“Nayarit, before 1917, belonged to Jalisco and they have annually decreased their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the last 100 consecutive years. In contrast, Jalisco is one of the most progressive states, which contributes the most to the Federation and which maintains incapable and insolvent states permanently.

Instead of thanking us and reinvesting in our state, they pay us with repression and hatred of investors from Jalisco,” he concluded.
For the reasons stated above, Valencia Castellanos invited all investors in the country to avoid putting their capital at risk by opening businesses in the Riviera Nayarit and in the state, since there is no certainty of investment due to the authoritarianism that the entity lives.

“Today, whoever invests in Bahía de Banderas has to be crazy,” he warned.

Source: tribunaldelabahia