9 Hidden Gems: Explore the Magical Towns of Nayarit this Summer Vacation 2024


Nayarit’s Magical Towns are enchanting destinations that will captivate you with their natural beauty, cultural richness, and ancestral traditions. If you’re looking for the perfect escape for your upcoming summer vacation, we invite you to discover these nine hidden gems that will steal your heart.

Before revealing the nine magical towns of Nayarit for you to explore during your summer vacation, it’s important to understand what defines a magical town and why they are the best choice to visit.

A Magical Town is characterized by its symbols and legends, where each street and building tells a historically significant story for Mexico. In 2024, Mexico is home to a total of 177 Magical Towns.

Summer Vacation 2024: Get to Know Nayarit’s Magical Towns

Ahuacatlán: Located in southern Nayarit, Ahuacatlán dazzles with its Historic Center, featuring the Temple of San Francisco de Asís and the historic Church of the Immaculate Conception. Immerse yourself in its past and architectural beauty.

Amatlán de Cañas: Surrounded by majestic mountains, Amatlán de Cañas is famous for its relaxing thermal waters and local crafts, including chocolate and peanuts—a perfect combination to explore its natural and cultural charms.

Compostela: Compostela reveals its colonial splendor through the imposing Parish of Santiago and its cobbled streets resonating with vibrant festivals. Its architecture speaks of a rich historical legacy.

Jala: With its cobbled streets and colonial buildings, Jala stands out for its 19th-century Lateran Temple and the fame of having the world’s largest ears of corn. Visitors are drawn to its rich history and deep-rooted traditions.

Ixtlán del Río: Just minutes from Tepic, Ixtlán del Río serves as a historical sanctuary with its center filled with unique historic buildings. Explore the majesty of Cerro de Cristo Rey and the fascinating Los Toriles Archaeological Zone, offering a journey back in time to the pre-Hispanic era of the region.

Mexcaltitán: Emerging over tranquil lagoon waters, Mexcaltitán evokes the legendary Aztlán. Its winding canals and colorful houses narrate a pre-Hispanic story, complemented by a unique gastronomy that delights even the most discerning palates.

Puerto Balleto: This former penal colony on the Islas Marías has transformed into a refuge for birds and wildlife, offering visitors a peaceful experience connected with nature—an ideal place to rejuvenate the spirit in a privileged marine environment.

San Blas: The historic Port of San Blas captivates with its colorful streets, Playa del Borrego, and iconic lighthouse. Explore Isla del Rey and Piedra Blanca from its new pier—a perfect enclave for history and nature enthusiasts.

Sayulita: Sayulita’s bohemian and laid-back atmosphere invites travelers to enjoy its picturesque beaches and vibrant street art, creating a unique atmosphere for those seeking an authentic and lively experience.

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