Salvadoran Surfer Saves Two People in Mexico


Athlete Josselyn Alabi rescued a father and his young son in Nayarit, who were “in a kayak at the breaking point.”

Salvadoran surfer Josselyn Alabi experienced an unforgettable episode this Holy Thursday. On her Instagram account, the national high-performance athlete shared that she rescued two people in Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico.

In her IG stories, Alabi shared the testimony of everything that happened. Still with adrenaline by her side, her videos reflected what happened to her and summarized the whole story she went through to save a father and his young son, who “were in a kayak at the breaking point” and had a rough time.

In her account, Alabi – who has been training for several weeks in Mexican waters – said that she originally warned the older man not to go to the place from which she later rescued him. But he did not listen. She also mentioned that there were moments when she doubted and questioned why she was doing it.

“It crossed my mind: ‘What if I die?’, then I eliminated that thought, and said: ‘To save’. And then it was like: ‘Why did I come to save them?’, and then it was like: ‘Just save’,” she states in her stories.

Alabi mentioned later that a rescuer joined to help. The lifeguard took the child, between 9-10 years old; and she took the man, “about 45 years old”. She brought him alongside the kayak and always asked him to stay calm, to breathe, and then to paddle, as they were in a moment of strong tide and dangerous waves. “I felt like Moana,” she described.

In the end, she revealed that she scolded him and told him that “they should be grateful to God” for being alive. Amidst everything that happened, Joss, who practices Paddle Surf, recounted – with a good sense of humor – that they were filming at the location and “el Pato”, the Mexican racing driver Patricio O’Ward Junco, who is working to reach Formula 1, was there. So, she revealed that they surely recorded her and “she ruined a scene.”

Alabí, who has participated in the Pan American Games, confessed that everything had been “crazy”, and that it is “impressive” how the body reacts and all that she could do. An event that Josselyn will never forget.

Source: El Salvador