Sustainable tourism project at the Islas Marías Tourist Center is announces.


In a joint effort, SECTUR, TURIIMAR, UNESCO, SECTUR Nayarit, and Airbnb have come together to position the Islas Marías Tourist Center as a global reference in sustainable tourism. This initiative will strengthen the tourist offering of the destination with a focus on heritage management and capacity building to promote social, ecological, and responsible tourism.

To foster sustainable tourism development in the Islas Marías Biosphere Reserve, the majority state-owned company Turística Integral Islas Marías, grouped in the sector coordinated by the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, UNESCO, the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Nayarit, and Airbnb have allied to create an innovative model that promotes responsible and ecological tourism at the destination.

Through the Sustainable Mexico Reborn program, created by the federal Secretary of Tourism, the Adaptur projects were implemented, with ecosystem-based climate change adaptation measures, counting on the valuable participation of the private sector, and Kuxatur, whose objective is the conservation of biodiversity in coastal ecosystems, among other actions.

“Sustainability, in its broadest conception, has been a fundamental piece and guiding axis of our tourist work, and the Islas Marías are an example of product integration, a fundamental factor to respond to the needs, requirements, and expectations of an increasingly informed and demanding tourist,” commented the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

“The Islas Marías Tourist Center is a space full of culture, natural conservation, and historical rediscovery, offering a wide range of ecotourism experiences with a vision of socially inclusive tourism. Alliances like this undoubtedly contribute to strengthening the tourist development of the Islas Marías Archipelago and the Mexican Marine Zones,” declared the General Director of Turística Integral Islas Marías, Captain Rafael Gómez Conejo.

The Islands are also a natural heritage, having been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2010. This is due to their ecosystems with great biological, economic, scientific, and cultural richness, including both dry forests and mangroves, as well as reefs in their surroundings. In addition, they are part of the record of the Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California on the World Heritage List also declared by UNESCO. In collaboration with Airbnb, UNESCO has an ongoing agreement and has collaborated on projects in the field of creative and sustainable tourism to strengthen tourism5.

For its part, the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) participated in the meeting as it will accompany the work of this alliance, ensuring that they are aligned with the preservation and sustainability of ecosystems and natural environments of the Islas Marías.

“The Islas Marías are, in turn, a biosphere reserve and a world heritage site declared by UNESCO, which has a very large tourism potential. In this alliance, we will accompany TURIIMAR and the communities of Nayarit, so that it contributes to the transformation of tourism, making it sustainable, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants, and having a positive impact on the environment,” mentioned Andrés Morales, UNESCO Representative in Mexico.

This intersectoral alliance is based on three fundamental pillars. First, the creation of a heritage management model as the guiding axis for sustainable tourism. Second, the strengthening of the service offering through training workshops that promote responsible tourism among local communities and tourists. And third, the implementation of dissemination strategies that contribute to positioning the Islas Marías as a reference destination for Mexico and Latin America.

“For Airbnb, it is crucial to put technology at the service of people. This alliance seeks precisely to promote an innovative model where the redistribution of tourism, economic benefits, and the preservation of natural ecosystems are in balance, while allowing tourists – from current and future generations – the responsible enjoyment of a unique destination in the world,” said Sebastián Colín, Director of Public Affairs for Airbnb in Mexico.

The Secretary of Tourism of Nayarit, Juan Enrique Suárez del Real Tostado, has stated that this type of alliance between responsible private initiative and federal entities promotes the economic and social well-being of Mexico. “Trips to the Islas Marías promote tourism diversity and generate opportunities for the people of Nayarit. The alliance we have with Airbnb and UNESCO reflects our continued commitment to this vision of inclusive tourism development where technology allows economic benefits to reach more hands.”

This alliance was announced during the work visit from February 16 to 18, where the organizations agreed on the creation of technical working groups aimed at fulfilling the three previously mentioned pillars. The alliance represents an important milestone on the path to more responsible and sustainable tourism in the Islas Marías. With the joint commitment of SECTUR, TURIIMAR, UNESCO, SECTUR Nayarit, and Airbnb, we are laying the foundations for a future in which tourism and the conservation of natural heritage go hand in hand.

Source: Air BnB News