Thank you for dreaming big: young Dorely Medina will take care of the health of astronauts at NASA


The objective is to design a project that can be sent to the International Space Station

Dorely Medina, 18 years old and originally from Nayarit, is a celebrity on social networks after it was announced that she was selected for the International Air and Space, a NASA program that only 60 young people from around the world entered.

It was last November 13 when the young woman entered the program and she was so excited that she shared the news on her accounts. In addition, she said that it was very hard to have been selected.

The objective of the program is to design a project that can be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) and will be a precedent in her career to become a great engineer or astronaut.

“Thank you for not giving up.”

“Day 1 representing Nayarit at NASA. Dear 8-year-old Dorely: thank you for not giving up, for dreaming big, for not resting until we get to where we are today,” she wrote excitedly on her social networks.

“Was achieved. We just arrived at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and I have never felt so alive in my entire life. “I am Mexican, from Nayarit and I am at NASA,” she added.

Only 60 young people were accepted to the program, also known as STEM, which is dedicated to space engineering oriented to aeronautics, science and mathematics.

Dorely works on the Astrocare project, which is focused on the health of astronauts and aims to permanently monitor, and with high-tech sensors, the vital signs and health of travelers.

Together with Katya Echazarreta, Dorely seeks to break stereotypes and the machismo that prevails in the world of science.

“All the women who have achieved something, who have come out of these stereotypes, I feel that it is not enough that you have arrived if you are not returning to your community and to all the girls (…) we must recognize that we did not arrive alone “We always have to recognize that someone shook our hand at some point,” Katya said last March at a Unicef forum in Mexico.

Although more and more women are involved in aeronautics and engineering, it is evident that there is still a large gender gap. Proof of this is the contrast in the names of women compared to men, and whose battle began with Valentina Tereshkova, who at 26 years old, became the first woman to visit outer space.

Source: El Sol de Mexico