Former mayor in Nayarit, known for “stealing a little” is arrested


The former San Blas municipal official is accused of using violence against his ex-partner and threatening a state official

The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Nayarit reported that they arrested Hilario Ramírez Villanueva, better known as Layín, former municipal president of San Blas for exercising violence against his ex-partner, as well as for threatening a State Police officer.

According to the security agency, the former mayor was arrested in the municipality of Xalisco.

“This is Hilario N, 55 years old, originally from and a resident of the town of Huaristemba, municipality of San Blas, arrested in the streets of the Cordoncillos subdivision of the municipality of Xalisco, for his alleged participation in the criminal act of damage to private property, home invasion and threats to a State Police agent,” reported the security agency.

In November 2022, Layín was sentenced to two years in prison after establishing responsibility for the improper exercise of functions.

The sentence is due to the sale of an airport in the municipality of San Blas, with which more than 12 million pesos were diverted and were not registered in the town that he governed. In 2019, an arrest warrant was issued against him. This former mayor was considered a fugitive from justice, although he defended himself with amparo.

Therefore, the Prosecution Court of the Regional Center for Criminal Justice also ordered the sentence and imposed a fine of 30 days of minimum wage.

At the time, it was announced that the Nayarit State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) could challenge the sentence, since it had requested a 23-year sentence for the crimes of bribery, abuse of power and damage to public finances, which They were dismissed by the judge.

The complaint for the diversion of resources was made by the Superior Audit of Nayarit (ASEN) before the FGE after auditing the public account of 2016, where the millionaire lack with a cadastral value of 32 million was revealed.

Despite this, Layín was able to avoid going to prison since a reparation payment was established and he avoided going to jail.

Ramírez Villanueva arrived in the municipality of San Blas under the National Action Party (PAN) during the period from 2008 to 2011. He then did so independently from 2014 to 2017.

During his last administration, Layín was characterized by his big birthday celebrations and by raising skirts to the women who danced with him. In addition to the fact that he sold a piece of land of more than 45,000 square meters from the municipal airport, for which he was arrested in 2022.

Meanwhile, in his campaign to govern the municipality for the second time in 2014, this politician became famous by confessing that he “stole a little” from the city council “

“I have been criticized a lot because I like money, who doesn’t like it? Did I steal from the presidency? Yes, I stole from it, yes, I stole from it, a little because the city is very poor… just a little cut, ”he confessed at the time.

In 2017, Layín tried to be governor of Nayarit but lost the election. Since 2018, the politician evaded the public hearings to which he was summoned, for which the arrest warrant was issued against him and despite the fact that he was repeatedly called to appear, the politician justified his absences with medical records, evading justice.

In June 2022, despite being wanted by the Mexican authorities and even by Interpol, Hilario Ramírez was seen walking the streets of Tepic. The Nayarit Prosecutor’s Office announced that the search and capture was suspended due to an amparo filed by the politician, until today he was arrested for other crimes.

Source: Infobae