Elon Musk’s satellite internet lowers its prices in Mexico


Through an email, the internet company Starlink has informed its users about the decrease in prices.

Feedback 25 August 2022. Elon Musk’s internet company, Starlink is reducing its rates in Mexico and some regions of Europe.

Through an email, the Starlink company has informed its users about the price decrease.

According to the messages, Space X explained that the price reduction has to do with local market conditions to reflect the purchasing power parity of consumers.

So now the prices will be as follows:

8,300 pesos will be paid for the equipment, shipping and management is now free of charge, while for the monthly plan (service), the price drops to 1,100 pesos.

While users who have already purchased the service at some point will see a reduction in rates since last Wednesday, August 24.

In the case of the RV service that allows you to use the internet in a portable way at a price of 14,300 pesos per device at 8,300 pesos. Shipping and handling is free.

Regarding the service, it was 1,350 pesos.

It should be noted that Starlink Business, the maritime version and the Premium version are not yet available in Mexico.

Elon Musk’s company has long sought to compete with other internet services in the area. That is why I am sure that the service is much better than any other.

Mexico Daily Post