UK TUI flights to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit continue to arrive at almost full capacity


Tourists from the United Kingdom continue to travel to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit after the end of the winter season. The British are motivated to get to know the Mexican Pacific since many had to postpone their trips for several months, said Katia Ramírez, in charge of public relations for the tourist group TUI.

The representative, who is the liaison with the secretariats of Tourism and agencies specialized in promotion, highlighted that in November of last year the operation of the two flights from England to Puerto Vallarta, from Manchester and London, continue to arrive with average occupancies of 85 percent.


“As soon as restrictions were lifted in the UK, TUI was ready to fly as they have their own airline; there was a lot of pent-up demand, the British were waiting to travel and as soon as there was a way to do it, they resumed their vacations”.

Regarding the average stays and lodging, he explained that they are based on the operation of the weekly flight, and on an agreement with a hotel of the Riu Chain in Nuevo Vallarta.


“British travelers have stays of between seven and nine nights or 14 nights, since the flights are weekly and the capacity of this pair of flights from London and Manchester is 15,000 seats per year.”

The executive commented that the British really like Mexico as a tourist destination, we are a trend because of the Mexican culture, gastronomy, the friendliness of the locals, they like to interact, in addition to the weather and the beaches, since they come fleeing the cold in the Island.

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The TUI representative explained that a review was made here of the number of passengers they have had in the last five years, how the volume of tourists from the United Kingdom to Puerto Vallarta has evolved, as well as the recovery process after the pandemic, which it showed very positive indicators in general.


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