AMLO will officially inaugurate Las Islas Marías as a tourist destination on December 16th


The Islas Marías prison will open its doors to tourism before Christmas, President López Obrador confirmed on Tuesday, December 13th, during his daily morning conference “Mañanera”.

He explained that under the administration of the Secretary of the Navy, the islands of María Madre, María Magdalena, and María Cleofás will receive visitors.

“The houses are already there, the museum is finished, and all the streets have been fixed. It will be managed by the Secretary of the Navy, there will be flights and also ferries, which can be boarded in San Blas (Nayarit), it is likely that in Mazatlán (Sinaloa) ”, he explained.

He indicated that he will visit the project this Friday and defined the prison as “the most famous in the history of Mexico, the most feared.”

AMLO will inaugurate the accommodations at Islas Marías, Nayarit (Photo: FORBES Mexico)

Source: OEM

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