Mayan Culture 20-peso coin from 1982 is sold for up to 8 thousand pesos on the internet


The piece is part of the AA family that were put into circulation in the seventies and eighties.

With the passage of time, coins and bills go out of circulation and lose their nominal value, that is, the price that is engraved on their body; however, some pieces go so far as to raise that value for collectors or hobbyists who like to own these items in good condition.

Such is the case of a 20-peso coin of the Mayan culture issued by the Bank of Mexico ( Banxico ), which was in circulation for a short time between 1980 and 1984, it has become an important item for investors, especially to have a mirror or proof finish. Specifically, the one minted in 1982 reaches a price of 8 thousand pesos on digital platforms, such as Mercado Libre

What is a proof coin?

According to the Bank of Mexico, a proof coin is a piece with a clean finish, with a mirror-like shine, without stains and with correctly delineated reliefs.

The piece is part of the AA family that were put into circulation in the seventies and eighties. In 1992 they were in the withdrawal process and are currently demonetized because they belong to the monetary unit in force until December 31, 1992, which means that they are no longer used to carry out transactions.


According to the RAE, it is the discipline that studies coins and medals, mainly old ones.


On the obverse, we can find in the center the National Shield in sculptural relief, with the legend ” ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS ” forming the upper semicircle, while on the reverse you can see a Mayan sculpture representing a ball player, symbol “$ “, number” 20 “, inscription” CULTURA MAYA “, year of issue and symbol of the Mint of Mexico” M ° “. Smooth frame with a fretwork beading that ends horizontally at the bottom.

Material: Made of copper and nickel.

Weight: 15.2 grams.

Diameter: 3.20 centimeters.

Thickness: 0.24 centimeters.

On the same platform you can find different prices for said currency, so its final price depends on its characteristics. The sites for buying and selling coins on the internet take into account the following factors:

Year and series.

Currency status.

Number of parts available Market demand.

Rarities or characteristics that distinguish them.

If you are a collector and you are interested in acquiring this coin or any other, we recommend the Numismatic Society of Mexico where they can guide you in the purchase and sale of these objects.


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