UFO sighting caught on video in Nayarit, Mexico (VIDEO)


Every day there are more indications that lead humanity to think that extraterrestrial life is close to making contact, for example, the frequent sightings of strange objects that cross the sky at great speed and then get lost among the clouds or the horizon.

And it is that, once again, what could be a UFO was captured in Nayarit while a powerful storm was occurring, however, despite the intense electrical activity, it was possible to capture a kind of air vehicle that left much to think about.

The clip, was captured by an Internet user who later shared it on “X” (formerly Twitter) and where, according to the user, she placed her camera in hyper-lapse to record the storm for a reel, however, she captured something more than bad weather.

In the video there is a panoramic view of the storm captured in the distance in the sea, in addition, the beach, a very rough sea, and the swimming pool of a hotel are perceived when suddenly something appears coming from the sea, it is a flattened, silvery and luminous object that flies very close to the ground.

According to the images, the object would have returned and flown over the coast, very close to the beach line, its reflection can even be seen in the seawater.

However, some Internet users denied that it was a UFO, explaining that the video was recorded in the direction of the Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta and that taken at high speed it is confusing and produces a visual effect.

However, others say that it is a UFO because it illuminates the sea and the sand, in addition to the fact that more sightings have been recorded in the place.

Source: OEM

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