Mexican Doritos ad featuring father and gay son goes viral (Watch Video)


Acceptance is all that and a bag of Doritos chips.

A Doritos commercial from Mexico released in December has gone from being part of the brand’s Christmas ad campaign to becoming a YouTube sensation.

Based on a true story, the 2-minute ad features a father figuring out how he can tell his gay son, who’s not out to him, that he loves him unconditionally, and accepts him just the way he is.

The sweet commercial starts with a young man named Javier calling his father from the road, saying that he’s bringing a friend from college to spend the holidays with them.

His friend, Manuel, didn’t have anywhere to go, and he thought it’d be a good idea to invite him.

Soon after the teens arrive, the father realizes that the two are more than just friends. Javier, however, doesn’t say anything about it.

Not knowing how to tell his son that he knows what’s going on, the father goes online to ask for help on Reddit.

“Hello, I’m a 52-year-old divorced father and need some help,” he writes in Spanish. “I think my son and his friend are a couple and he won’t tell me.”

“How can I let them know that everything is OK?” he asks.

After reading through several answers on the site, the father thanks Reddit members for the suggestions. Smiling, he appears ready to make the next move.

The next scene shows the father approaching the son in the kitchen, telling him he has something to tell him.

“I just want to say that… I love you,” the father says, as if looking for the right word.

Javier understands the meaning of the gestures and replies, “What you want to tell me is that you love me as I am?”

The dad nods, the two embrace, and most viewers cry — at least according to comments in multiple languages left on the ad’s YouTube page.

An version of the ad with English subtitles was also shared online.

“The best gift for the holidays is accepting everyone the way they are,” the commercial ends with an on-screen message.

The Christmas commercial, which was released for the Mexican market on Dec. 14, has been viewed more than 14 million times.

Source: AOL

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